Meditation, mindfulness and the moment…

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Life coaching, they say, is about enabling and empowering people to create the changes they feel will best move them towards a better place and a better life.
Some goals are tangible, better career progression or occupational transition etc..
Others are less measurable. Building confidence, self worth and self belief are more of a ‘felt’ experience, yet can manifest themselves tangibly as personal changes become more apparent.
So, perhaps, if we as life practitioners work at ‘feeling’ better’ and more contented, then we can continue to grow in many, many more areas..

There are many forms of ‘feeling’ better’..
You hit the gym, sweat, pump, and feel the buzz..
You Salsa, practice Martial Arts and learn enough to develop the skill and ability to ‘lose’ yourself in practice.. The options in Birmingham are endless..
Yoga classes, Tai Chi, Body Karma and Chi Gong, on the most part have a period of meditation during a practice. This is a time to perhaps cast aside personal perceptions and to practice mindfulness. To seek the state of awareness that is the present. A mind engaged with the living experience, without thought of the past or future.
No regrets or fears, very simply a moment of being devoid of thought.. To expand our awareness beyond the mind that we know..

Here lies the sense of serenity, peace and harmony that each of us could do with on occasion in these busy times..
It is a state where within it and then beyond it, you will ‘feel better’, empowered and prepared for what lies ahead of you..

So, here’s to finding ‘your way’ of truly ‘feeling better’. Discover your path, and walk with practiced, grounded and lightened steps.

Enjoy the journey
Body Karma

Meditation, mindfulness and the moment… was posted on Tuesday 31st March, 2015.

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