Life’s a Journey….

Chinese cover

So too, should be a class..

Yoga, Pilates, Dance…
All popular forms of exercise, as group fitness and also as self practice.. many forms share common values and esoteric roots..
Birmingham hosts much of the revolution and expansion of holistic exercise forms..
As well as exercise, meditation plays often an important part of these classes, throughout the practice or as a stand alone preparatory or conclusion segment of a session..
For fitness and wellbeing a great class should take you on a journey.. A beginning, a middle and an end. Sometimes that destination may be unknown, it may be different each time, but wherever the class and it’s journey take you, it must be a great place..
You should feel great, inside and out, knowing that your efforts were worth the time spent in practice..
Body Karma is looking forward to further development and class extensions throughout 2015… ┬áSee you there..

Life’s a Journey…. was posted on Monday 26th January, 2015.