Darryl Canham – Founder


In conjunction with affiliated artists, Darryl Canham developed the Body Karma concept to offer a gentle martial art derivative for exercise, mindfulness, wellbeing and martial movement practice.

Darryl has over 25 years experience in the more traditional side of martial arts, and has run his centre in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter for well over a decade. Highly qualified in forms of Aikido, Karate, the founder of an Aikijutsu style, a strength coach and passionate believer in health and fitness, he continues to progress his own abilities creatively and physically.

All this, combined with Darryl’s strong corporate background, having run teams and businesses for leading advertising agencies, and his experience in working in the film and gaming industries as a performer and choreographer, have led to the development of Body Karma, Martial Arts styles, Combative Systems and Personal Training philosophies.

Please have a look through the ‘TEAM’ of wellbeing forms, corporate training, personal training and dynamic martial arts.

Darryl Canham continues to work hard with his clients, classes, coaching team and with corporate bodies, charities and leadership institutes to propagate confidence, health, wellbeing, personal safety and security, self belief and a zest for personal performance and achievement.

Energy events and moving meditation…
Form, posture, stability and awareness of self
Body karma is a new way of body awareness, life balance and discovering the harmony within…

Darryl Canham – Founder was posted on Wednesday 29th June, 2016.

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